Nina Suza

Nina is a Yogini, Lightworker and healer of body, energy and soul.

With an innate joyful nature as well as her gentle presence she skillfully guides people on their personal yoga journey.

Born to a yoga teacher mother the world of Yoga was naturally unfolding around her as a teenage girl and at age 18 she learned the skill of energy healing (Pranic Healing).

She sees herself as very fortunate to be raised by loving open minded parents who exposed her to the school of life by travelling to Earths energy portals like Egypt, Afrika, Mexico, Sri Lanka and India.

In London, 2002 Nina completed her first Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga. Her fascination for this style of yoga was fueled by the beauty of the Naad, the sound current and the magically fast transformation of ones own consciousness.


Nina’s personal practice is based on two pillars Kundalini Yoga + Hatha Yoga.

Together they build a wonderful and potent fusion of dynamic-meditative Kriya Yoga with a systematic- intelligent asana practice to unlock our human potential.

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Kundalini Yoga

For millenias, the yoga of consciousness was a well kept secret of great yogis. The mother of all yoga as it is lovingly called in India shows up as complete, transformative and life changing yoga method.  

Right now, is the time to practice this extraordinary wisdom teachings and to connect to our deeper sense of life-purpose.

 Kundalini Yoga will activate you inner energy by using profound yogic tools such as asana, pranayama, mantra and mudra in an intelligent combination.

All this, to cut through the minds lower vibrational tendencies and achieve a true natural high that can arise out of a meditative mind like inner joy, fullfillment and compassion.

Shine your light bright and beautiful on Planet Earth.

Hatha Yoga  

This strong + athletic yoga style will combine breathe and movement in a harmonious way.

Finding good alignment in our body posture (asana) is our primary focus.

 “In a healthy body lives a healthy mind’’

We will challenge and strengthen our physical body to free our mind and expand our human capacities.

Here, hands-on adjustments are an effective tool to supportI  each student in their personal development. I will try to offer inspiration into one’s true nature.

Further Trainings follollowed

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Gurmukh Kaur, New York
  • Kirtan Devotional Singing, Ustaad Narinder Singh Sandhu, North India
  • Pure Yoga Teacher Training (Anusara Yoga), with Patrick Creelman Hong Kong & Taiwan
  • Personal Training, Inside Yoga, Frankfurt.
  • Lightpriestess